On Arrival

Please wash your hands at the sink just outside the main doors. Soap and blue towels are available.  You can also sanitise your hands using the sanitiser inside the main entrance doors.

All attendees will be asked to enter the cafe through the main entrance.  Please socially distance and queue on the designated spots if arriving at the same time as other members of the group.

If it is raining candidates can stay in their cars if they wish and we will call you in.

We are operating a one way system within the cafe - all event attendees will enter through the main cafe doors and leave through the ramped fire exit door at the rear of the cafe.

Getting Settled

Our trainer will greet you and take you to the designated area within the cafe.  She will offer you a table or space for each group booked together or each individual.  These tables will be spaced out and the trainer will be 2m away from candidates.  If there is a need to get closer to you to demonstrate something, the trainer will wear a visor.


The toilets are situated to the left hand side of the cafe, clearly marked.  If you need to use the toilet, please do so before the class begins.  


There are hand sanitisers provided throughout the building and hand wash sinks available in the toilets.  We ask that once in your seats, you restrict movement around the cafe.

Mask Wearing

We do not enforce the wearing of masks or visors for customers who are attending classes: we do ask that you regularly hand wash (every 30 minutes for 20 seconds) to prevent the spread of infections.  Please bring a mask with you for times when you might be moving about the room and social distancing might not be possible.  If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

Our trainer will not be wearing a mask or visor, unless he/she has to come closer than 1m to give you a demonstration, in which case, he/she will wear a visor.  We are enforcing regular handwashing for all team members at Yolk Farm.

Social Distancing

We are advocates of social distancing as a measure to controlling the virus going forward therefore please be mindful of those around you and keep your distance.

We are happy if you wish to wear masks, particularly when moving around.

We have vigorous cleaning procedures in place throughout the site and all areas are sanitised between use.  

Further Information

To view what we are doing in the cafe and shop setting to protect against the spread of infection, please see our website here:

These procedures are in addition to the ones noted in this document and continue to apply during classes.  


We understand that by you accepting to attend a training course you acknowledge and agree that Yolk Farm Ltd will not be responsible for you becoming ill following a class or liable for any losses or damages, from the result of being ill, whether indirect, incidental or consequential advised or otherwise.

We look forward to welcoming you safely!