🌟Our brand new craft activities start in January in Yard At Yolk Barn🌈

Each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we will have a fun new weekly activity for you to join in with. Help your child craft and keep them entertained for a while.

Time: Each activity will be bookable at 10am but willl run throughout the day and can be paid for in advance or on arrival.

You can book for one session or for all of them.

Cost: £5 (including £2.50 Yard At Yolk entry and a Kid's Hot Chocolate voucher for Yolk Farm Kitchen)

All materials provided. This is a parent supervised activity, though our staff member will be on hand to show you what to do.

Week 1 - starts 8th Jan

🐷 Unleash the Imagination with Paper Plate Pigs 🐷

Join us for a trot into the world of farmyard fun with our Paper Plate Pigs activity. Your little ones will squeal with delight as they transform ordinary paper plates into adorable oink-tastic piggy masterpieces. Watch their artistic talents come alive as they paint, glue, and craft their very own porky pals. It's a barnyard bonanza of artistic expression that will leave both parents and toddlers smiling from ear to ear.

Week 2 - starts 15th Jan

🐔 Decorate a Free Range Hen 🐔

Engage your creativity as you craft a vibrant  hen paper collage, bringing the spirit of the open farmyard to life with colorful feathers, textured landscapes, and playful expressions. Explore the joy of mixed media as you assemble layers of paper to create a dynamic and unique artwork that captures the essence of free-spirited hens.

Week 3 - starts 22nd Jan

🌾 Create a Free Range Hen Field Collage🌾

Immerse your tiny tots in the wonders of the great outdoors with our Create a Free Range Field Collage activity. Inspired by the beauty of our free-range hen farm, this hands-on experience encourages children to connect with nature through art. Little hands will explore different textures and colors as they craft a vibrant collage that mirrors the picturesque fields that Yard At Yolk. It's a farm-to-fun experience that fosters creativity while nurturing an appreciation for the world around us.

Week 4 - starts 29th Jan

🐑 Make a Paper Lamb – Woolly Wonders Await! 🐑

Ewe won't believe the cuteness overload when your little ones dive into our Make a Paper Lamb activity. Crafting their very own woolly wonders, toddlers will giggle with joy as they bring these fluffy farm friends to life. From cotton ball clouds to googly eyes that sparkle, every detail is a delightful adventure in imagination.

Week 5 - starts 5th Feb

🐔 Make a Rocking Hen with Paper Plate – Cluck-tastic Creativity! 🐔

Get ready for a cluck-tastic time as your toddlers embark on the journey of making a Rocking Hen with Paper Plate. This activity combines the joy of crafting with the excitement of playtime as little ones create their very own rocking hens. From feathered tails to colorful beaks, every detail is an opportunity for creativity to soar. Crafty Critters Barn is where imaginations take flight, and our rocking hens are the perfect companions for your child's artistic adventure.

Yard At Yolk isn't just a play barn; it's a haven where little hands create big memories. Join us for a farmyard fiesta of crafting, laughter, and boundless creativity. Book your spot today, and let the magic of Crafty Critters Barn unfold for your little one. Because here, every craft tells a tale, and every tale is a masterpiece in the making! 🚜🖌️🎨

Get ready to be wowed as we bring you an unforgettable evening filled with dazzling performances and outrageous energy! Our restaurant is proud to host a Drag Queen Night that promises to be the highlight of the season.


Book at 10am - ticket can be used at 10am or anytime before 1:30pm (Yard At Yolk closes at 2:30pm)