he Yolk Farm Dog Walking Field is the perfect place for you and your dog to have fun and practice agility and training in a secure, private space.

You can book exclusive use of our 2,976.92 m² (32,043.29 ft²) dog field just outside Boroughbridge and let your dog run free while you train them, or watch from our shelter. The fence surrounding the park is 1.9m (6.23 ft) high to make sure your dog is safe and enclosed. Each session can only be booked by one person so you have the entire run of the park.

The field contains a shelter, a tap and water bowl, and a dog waste bin. It also contains dog agility equipment for fun, games and training.

You will be able to bond with, train and practice agility on our great equipment, and then pop down to our dog friendly cafe afterwards - we welcome well-behaved dogs on leads in both the cafe and the shop.

Please note that the dog field is a short walk from the main car park.

How to use the dog park:
  • Book your 30 minute or 1 hour slot (or longer!) below
  • You will receive an immediate email confirmation and gate code once payment has been made
  • Park your car in the main Yolk Farm Car Park
  • Enter the field for the allotted time and enjoy your play time
  • Vacate the field on time to prevent cross over with reactive dogs
  • Ensure the field is left empty and tidy, removing all dog waste and litter

Read our Frequently Asked Questions here


A 30 minute slot costs:

£5 for 1-3 dogs

£8 for 4-8 dogs

An hour slot costs:

£9 for 1-3 dogs

£11 for 4-7 dogs

£13 for 8-12 dogs


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I book for longer than an hour?

Yes, you can book consecutive slots.

No times are showing for a session - what does this mean?

This means we are fully booked. You will be able to book right up to the time of a session if the session is still available.

Help! There's been a double booking!

It is impossible for our system to allow two booking at once. Please double check your time, or pop into the farm shop or call 01423329063 for any queries.

What times are you open?

We are open any time during daylight hours seven days a week. Please note that the dog field is not lit.

Is the field lit?


Is there a shelter?

Yes, there is a shelter with a tap and water bowl.

Where should I park?

Please park in the main Yolk Farm car park and walk down to the field with your dog on a lead. There is a short walk to reach the field. Please don't leave your car until the beginning of your session, in case there is a reactive dog in the session before yours. Please don't drive your car up to the dog park.

What if I am late arriving for my slot?

You will still need to leave the park at the end of your booked session.

My dog is sensitive to loud noises. Should I be aware of anything?

There is a road next to the dog field which is fairly quiet and fenced in. We are in a rural area, so there may be sounds from neighbouring farms. You will also walk past our chickens to get to the field.

Can I take my dog around the rest of the farm?

Yes - when not in the enclosed dog field, your dog must be on a lead at all times.

Are the restaurant and the shop dog friendly?

Yes, as long as the dog is on a lead.

Are there any rules for using the play equipmenT?

Please supervise your dogs carefully on the play equipment.

Dogs should not be encouraged to jump until they have finished growing (12-18 months depending on the breed) so please stick to tunnels, weaving poles and obedience training until then.

Please also be careful with overweight dogs, or tired dogs. Jumping dogs too young, or if they are too heavy, can result in the early onset of arthritis or other health problems.

If any equipment looks damaged please let us know and do not use it.

Are there toilets on site?

There are toilets in Yolk Farm Kitchen which are available when the cafe is open.