Come and say hi to the animals -
It's free to visit our farm and there's no need to book

Our Girls

Our Hens Really Are The Luckiest in the World...

They live in an amazing coop filled with toys and lots of safe places to rest and eat, and they can venture out to sunbathe and forage for grubs whenever they like. Come and see them chilling out in their huge paddock with plenty of grass to munch on and trees to shelter under. We feed them vegetable scraps from the shop and encourage them to range as much as possible. Super healthy hens mean even healthier and yummier eggs too! We even give them toys to play with in their amazing temperature-controlled barn (we call it the Hen Spa). The hen range is only 100 metres from the shop and farm kitchen.

You can wander along the paddock and see the hens, then head inside to eat the most delicious eggs you will ever have. You will also have the chance to take home the freshest eggs in our farm shop - so fresh that sometimes, they are still warm when we put them on the shop floor!


Feed Our Waste Warriors

You can see our zero waste warriors, our three Kune Kune pigs who live right next to the shop. They are an essential part of our farm shop team, and love to help us dispose of our waste fruit and veggies! They also love making new friends and can be visited for free during opening hours.


Groovy Girl-Tribe

Our girl gang of Alpacas love chilling out under a tree or grazing the range with the hens. They have a very important role at Yolk Farm- to help us look after our hens at night! As territorial animals, they have accepted our hens into their pack, and guard them against foxes. They make a high pitched sound like a burglar alarm whenever they detect danger.

If you want to get up close and personal with the Alpacas, book one of our AMAZING Alpaca Experiences.

Book an Alpaca Experience


Watch Our Babies Grow!

Our four baby pygmy goats have so much energy!

They are forever running and jumping across their obstacle playground. They love meeting new friends in their large grassy enclosure.


Seasonal Sensation

We lavish our veggies with tender loving care.

You can walk through our vegetable garden any time of the year and show your little ones how the plants and land changes through the seasons. Let them explore where their food comes from. Pick up one of our free vegetable garden activity sheets and have fun learning about the plants and creatures helping us create our amazing food.


Free Range Fun

Let your kids stretch their little wings. We have lots of open grassy space for kids to run around in, all free to access during opening hours. You can explore our fledgling orchard and our rewilding areas, where we are allowing nature to take its natural course.

Hunt for bugs and let them explore true nature.
There's a straw bale mountain for climbing - you can see the whole farm from the top!
We believe in free range kids here at Yolk Farm and we'd love you to join in the fun!